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Golden Slots

To place your bet

  1. Click on chips in amounts from $1 to $500.  Each click increases your bet.
    The chips you choose to bet are stored as credit in the game.

  2. Choose the value of the coins you wish to wager in each round. Available options are: $0.25, $1, or $5.

  3. Click Bet One or Bet Max to select the number of coins you wish to wager.
    Each bet you make reduces the credit amount by the value of the coin you have wagered. For example, when you click Bet One your credit will read 9.75 having been reduced from 10 to bet on your spin of the wheel. If you click Bet Max your credit will read 9.25 having been reduced by $0.75 to bet on your spin of the wheel.

  4. Click Spin or click on the arm to set the slot machine spinning.

If you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of a game, re-establish your Internet connection and log back into the casino. You can then select Game History to see the outcome of your previous round.

Click this button

For this move

Bets the maximum amount of coins (three) and automatically spins the machine.

Allows you to bet one to three coins.  Click Spin to set the machine spinning.

Returns the remaining (not played) money from your credit balance to your current balance.

Starts the slot machine spinning. You can also click on the arm of machine to play.

See the dates, bets and results of your previous games.

The chat feature is disabled in Slot Machine, since it works in sigleplayer mode only.

Opens the help file, which you are reading right now.

Opens the Options dialog box - see the Options section of this help file.

Press this to exit the game and go back to lobby. You can't exit in the middle of a game round.

Shortcut keys

If desired, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking on the graphics themselves.

Press this key

To do this


Tabs between the buttons on the screen.


Selects the button that is currently highlighted.


Places your previous bet and spins.

Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Insert coins into the machine. 1 inserts a $1 coin, number 2 inserts $5 coin etc.


Exits the game.


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